About Us

The online world has expanded a great deal over the years. It has virtually opened doors to several new and exciting work and business opportunities that are fruitful and very productive as well. It is why more and more people every single day are turning towards the Information Technology so that they can generate huge profit margins as well. Cyber Wiki offers you the best chance to be able to know virtually everything regarding Information Technology, and be able to solve your basics to advanced IT related issues yourself.

What we offer?

Cyber Wiki offers almost all IT related stuff from basic to advanced level to ensure all users can take benefit of it. Furthermore, Cyber Wiki provides all its stuff free of cost. Soon we are going to start some basic Office Automation courses such as basic of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. Currently we are providing useful tutorials on the following topics.

  • Microsoft Windows Tutorials
  • Microsoft Office Tutorials
  • General Internet Tutorials
  • WordPress Tutorials
  • Blogger Tutorials
  • Computer Hardware Troubleshooting

Microsoft Windows Tutorials

Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system in the world, so we chose to make all our readers aware of the basics and most used functions of Microsoft Windows to ensure the best usage of their computers installed with Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Office Tutorials

We also share Microsoft Office basic knowledge to ensure our users to work on easily with Microsoft office. We share tutorials about MS Excel, MS Access.

General Internet Tutorials

In general internet category we share the basics of how to use some online services easily and perfectly. There are a lot of online services on the internet and most of the people of unaware of it, Cyber Wiki make it possible for all users to learn the use of those services free.

WordPress Tutorials

The world’s most used CMS and the first choice of bloggers for their blogs. We share the basics to advanced tutorials of WordPress for free.

Blogger Tutorials

Blogger is a free and secure platform by Google. Blogger.com provides a secure and free web space to the bloggers to maintain their blogs.

Computer Hardware Troubleshooting

We help you in troubleshooting your computer, printer, CCTV cameras, DVRs and provide useful SOP’s to solve your hardware problems.