How to create own age calculator in Excel


Age Calculator in Excel

It is easy to create your own age calculator in excel and use to find the exact age of a person by entering his/ her date of birth. Age can be calculated using the following methods.

Method 1.

Calculate by using INT formula

In the first method, we use the INT formula. It is a simple formula that will show the age in years. We need to create two cells, Cell-1 date of birth, Cell-2 current date, and the third one is the age of course. We use to subtract the date of the birth cell from the current date cell.

  1. Add cell A2, enter the date of birth.
  2. In cell B2, enter current date.
  3. Add C2, enter this formula =INT((B2-A2)/365) and press Enter. Here figure 365 means the number of days in a solar year.

age calculator in excel

Method 2.

Calculate age in excel with DATEDIF formula

You can calculate age by using the DATEDIF function of Microsoft Excel. To apply the datedif formula, click on a new blank cell and type this formula =DATEDIF(A2, NOW(),”y”)and press Enter.

age calculator in excel


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Method 3.

Calculate age in excel using DATEDIF to get the exact age in years, months and days.

Sometimes you need the exact age in year, months and days format, don’t worry you can get it done in excel very easily. You can achieve this task by using the DATEDIF  formula with some extra arguments.

To calculate the age in years, months and days format, follow these steps.

Select a new blank cell and enter the following formula in the cell or in the formula bar.

=DATEDIF(A2,TODAY(),”Y”)& “Years,” & DATEDIF(A2,TODAY(),”YM”) & “Months,” & DATEDIF(A2,TODAY(),”MD”) &”Days”

age calculator in excel

This formula calculates the exact age in the form of years, months and days with 100% accuracy.