How to create Hiren’s Boot Bootable USB


Hiren’s boot bootable USB is a very useful handy tool that must be present in a computer technician toolkit. It can help you in a number of ways that you may not be able to get solved as soon as you can do it with Hiren’s boot CD or Hiren’s boot USB stick. Hiren’s boot CDs are available in different versions. You can buy any version from a software CDs shop, or you can download its ISO images and write it on a CD. If you want to make it more easy and handy, you can use your USB drive to work like you Hiren’s boot loaded CD.


Hiren’s boot ISO images (Download Here)

USB Format Tool+ Files (Download Here)

How to Prepare Hiren’s Boot Bootable USB?

Follow these step by step instructions to prepare your Hiren’s boot USB in 5 minutes.

Format USB

First of all, download the ISO image and formatting software from the above links and save it to your hard drive. Now, connect your USB drive to your computer/ laptop. Run the “usb_format.exe” file as administrator.

bootable usb

Now, you need to format the USB drive for Hiren’s Boot preparation. Select your USB from the drop-down list, select file format as “FAT 32”, Check the “Quick Format” option, add a label for your USB drive and click the start button to format the USB drive.

bootable usb

The format will not start and will show a warning message, the message shows that the data saved on the USB drive will be lost. So, if you have any necessary data on your USB drive, copy it before starting this process. If you have no necessary data on your USB or you have copied it to your computer, click the YES button to continue the process.

bootable usb

Once the format process is completed, it will show a message about the format. Click the OK button to complete the process.

bootable usb

Install Boot Information (MBR)

Now run the grubinst_gui.exefile as administrator. Set all options as shown below. Click the “Refresh” button in front of Disk and select your USB drive from the drop-down. Similarly, click the refresh button in front of “Part List” and select “Whole disk (MBR)” from the list. Now it’s ready to be installed, click the install button and wait for completion.

bootable usb

The installation will complete with a command prompt window showing a message. Click Enter button to complete the process.

bootable usb

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Copy Files

Now, it’s time to copy some necessary files and the whole content of the Hiren’s boot ISO image on the USB disk to make it properly work.

Copy these files on the USB disk root.

  1. Grldr
  2. menu.lst

Besides these files, copy the whole folder of HBCD from the ISO to the root of the USB drive as shown below.

bootable usb

You can use your Hiren’s Boot bootable USB after the completion of data transfer.

Uses of Hiren’s boot USB

Hiren’s boot USB has a lot of good functions that can help you in every situation. There are some main features.

  1. Password reset tools
  2. Hard disk scan, format and bad sector removing tool
  3. FDisk
  4. Mini Windows (XP)

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