Introduction to Microsoft Access Database System


Microsoft Access Database 

Microsoft Access database is a relational database system that can be used to easily store your records in the form of tables. It is a small but powerful database system which can manage your data and retrieve it whenever you need. Here I am going to introduce you to the basics of the Microsoft access database system and its uses.

Microsoft Access is a built-in database program available in the Microsoft office application package. Microsoft Access is installed with office installation by default, or you can install only access if you need it. The latest versions of access have some more features that the older version may have not. You can use access 2007, 2010, 2013 or the latest one i.e. Microsoft access 2016.

How to use access?

Microsoft Access is a very easy to use application. You can open it by clicking Start >All Programs>Microsoft Office>Microsoft Access.

microsoft access database

You can also pin access shortcut icon to the start menu to open it easily and save your time. To pin access shortcut to the start screen, click Start>All Apps>Microsoft Office>. Right-click on the Access icon and click on “Pin to start” option.

microsoft access database

Access Main Screen

Microsoft Access has a very clean and easy to use interface. It’s easy for everyone to find and use all access options and tools.

microsoft access database


Access Menu Bar

As all Microsoft Office applications, Access also have a menu bar where the user can quickly access common settings

microsoft access database


Command Bar

Under each tab of the menu bar, there is a command bar showing the common commands of that tab.

microsoft access database

Navigation Pane

Navigation pan is the left side pan that contains all the tables, reports, forms, queries and macros and makes it possible to navigate to your required item quickly and easily.

microsoft access database

Access View Types

Microsoft access has different view options where the user can view and edit tables, form, reports, and queries.

For tables, access allows only two types of views i.e. table view and design view. For forms and reports access also have a layout view where the user can check and change the look of forms and report in real time.

The user can easily change the view type among the three access view types i.e. Design View, Layout View and Normal View. To toggle the view, you can use two ways to change it.

For tables, there are two view types i.e. normal view and design view. To change the view use the following methods,

  • Click on the View button in the upper left corner and select your required view as shown below.

microsoft access database

  • You can also change the view style by clicking on the view buttons in the lower left corner as shown below.

microsoft access database

Microsoft Access Basic Parts

There are some parts of Microsoft Access has some basic parts which are used to achieve the basics functions of a database system. Microsoft Access provides all in one solution which contains the following.


The table is the basic part of a database system. Tables are used to save data in the form of record. Tables are a collection of rows and columns that saves the data for further use. You can create and design tables as required.


Forms are the design part of access that allows you to enter data into your tables in a very easy way.


The query is used to retrieving some specific data from the tables and show it in the form of access forms or reports.


Reports are used to collect the data from the database and print it when required.


Macros are some special commands that are used to perform specific tasks quickly and easily.

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