Using Windows Group Policy to block Windows Applications


Windows Group Policy

Windows Group Policy is a built-in Windows application which contains all the settings of your Windows. You can change almost everything on your Windows from Windows Group Policy Editor. You can open Windows Group Policy Editor by opening the Windows RUN command and typing “gpedit.msc”.

How to block specific Windows application in Group Policy?

If you have a shared computer in your home or office and you want to install a software that only you can use. You will need to restrict other users from using your software. It can be easily done by using the windows group policy settings. All you need is to make some changes in your windows group policy and get rid of this problem.

Follow these step by step instruction to restrict the user from opening a specific application in Windows.

First of all open Windows RUN by pressing the WIN+R keys combination. Type “gpedit.msc” in the RUN command bar and press Enter button or click OK button.

Windows Group Policy

In the group policy main page you will see the following settings. Select “Administrative Templates” under the “User Configuration” option in the left panel.

Windows Group Policy

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Double click on the “Administrative Template to expand it, Select the “System” folder in the left panel to see its options and settings the right panel as shown below.

Windows Group Policy

Enable Setting

You are now ready to make changes in your group policy options to allow or restrict many settings, using software and much more. Select the setting named “Don’t run specified Windows applications” in the right panel and double click it to change its settings as shown below. Change the setting from “Not Configured” to “Enabled”. This will enable the option to restrict some specific application to run in windows.

Windows Group Policy

Add Application in List

Now, you need to specify the applications you want to restrict the use of those applications. Click the “show” button in front of the “List of disallowed applications. Enter the applications main file with extension. Let suppose you want to disallow using the Windows Calculator, you may enter “calc.exe” in the disallowed applications list and click OK.

Windows Group Policy

Check Runing Application

Once you have saved the settings, check it for confirmation. Open the Windows RUN command, type “calc” and press Enter. The calculator will not work anymore and you will see the following error message.

Windows Group Policy

You can add more applications that you want to disallow. If you want to use that application back, you can just remove its name from the list and start using the application again. If the name is not removed from the list, just set the settings back to “Not Configured”.

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