Using Windows Group Policy to run only specific applications


Windows Group Policy

Windows Group Policy is a built-in Windows application which contains all the settings of your Windows. You can change almost everything on your Windows from Windows Group Policy Editor. You can open Windows Group Policy Editor by opening the Windows RUN command and typing “gpedit.msc”.

As the computer is the most used electronic device used in our daily life, we use it in all most every department. Basically, the computer is installed in stores, hospitals, schools, and office for some specific work. In windows, there are a lot of built-in applications that all users may not need to use at all. You can stop those applications from being used. You can also set options to the only specific application on a computer. This option is suitable for offices, stores to make is sure that user only use the main application and don’t waste time in using other application

How to allow specific applications and block all other?

To allow only specific applications, you need to change some strings in the windows group policy. Follow these step by step instructions.

First of all, open the Windows Run command by pressing WIN+R keys combination and type “gpedit.msc” and press Enter button or click on OK button.

Windows Group Policy

In the left panel, you can see all option of group policy editor. Select the “Administrative Templates” under the “User Configurations”.

Windows Group Policy

Now, double-click on the “Administrative Templates” to expand its sub-options. Select “System” in the sub-option to expand its options in the right panel.

Windows Group PolicySelect the setting named “Run only specified Windows applications”, double-click on it to changes its settings. You can also open its settings by right-clicking and select “Edit”.

Windows Group Policy


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Change Settings

Change the settings option from “Not configured” to “Enabled” and click OK. It will enable the settings to run only the specified Windows application and stop all other Windows application.

Windows Group PolicyOnce the setting is enabled, you will need to enter the application list that you want to allow to the user and disallow all other applications. Click the show button and enter your desired application and click OK.

Windows Group Policy

Click the OK button to save the changes you made in the group policy. Now your entered list application will run and all other application will stop.

Windows Group PolicyNow, check using other application and also the one you have entered in the group policy settings to confirm the settings. If you try to open an application other than the list, you will see the following error message.

Windows Group Policy

Now can run only that application you have listed in the group policy settings.If you need to use other applications that you installed, you have to add their entry in the list.

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